Three Quick Tips for How Fall Boots Can Make You Look Taller

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Do you love fall boots? So do I! As a woman on the shorter side, I used to wear tons of high-heeled boots. But what if heels are not your thing? I totally get you, they’re painful and not conducive to walking around town for a full day. I’ll show you my tips and tricks for using boots to make you look taller, without having to wear painful, high-heeled boots. So go ahead and check out my top three tips for fall boots!

Block heel boots
Block heel

Block heels are a game changer! They add height without taking away from stability. By providing this, they also allow you to go a little bit higher with a block heel than you generally would with a regular high-heeled shoe.

Black block heel boots

These shoes are super versatile. They work well with leggings, jeans, and dresses. Often, when I wear them with dresses, I’ll wear tights the same color as the shoe, making my legs look longer instantly!

Block heel ankle boots


Sometimes it’s hard to gauge if a heeled shoe will be comfortable, and by the time you realize it’s not right for you, you’ve already worn them and can’t return them. One thing that I always check to make sure that this is less likely to happen is the progression of the heel. Put your hand in the boot and feel how dramatic the arch is. If it feels like it will be too much for you, you’re probably right and you’ll be better off with a different shoe.

Rubber heel boots

While this shoe doesn’t have a block heel, the heel itself is quite solid. It also helps that it’s made of rubber, which ends up being much more comfortable than heels made of a harder material.

Over the knee boots
Over the knee boot

Over the knee boots are a simple way to make short legs look longer! These boots have a much lower heel than the other boots I’ve shown you, but because they go over the knee they automatically make you look taller.

Punk rock boots
Sexy flats
Punk rock women's boots

Pair them with a fun, funky dress and you’re ready for your day! 

Hopefully, my tips have given you some fun ideas for how to make yourself look taller without wearing sky-high heels! Love what I have to say? Check out my website for more tips and tricks for dressing taller!

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