How to Style Sweaters for Short Women

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I love helping short women find their style and clothing that helps them look taller. In this video tutorial I'll show you how you can give the illusion of more height by just changing how you style your sweaters! How you style your sweaters and the type of sweaters you wear can actually make you look taller. Check out my tutorial below to find out how!

How to style sweaters for short women

Turtleneck sweaters for short women
Turtleneck sweaters

Turtleneck sweaters are excellent for giving the illusion of being taller, particularly for women with shorter torsos. They extend the torso, and you can further elongate your torso by untucking the sweater. I personally prefer to tuck my tops in, elongating my legs. Make sure to wear the right bra to keep the girls lifted and in the right place, which will also serve to elongate your torso. If you are particularly blessed in the bust area, I suggest adding a v-neck over the turtleneck, a blazer, or a nice dangly necklace to draw the eye down and to the center.

Asymmetrical sweaters
Asymmetrical lines

Asymmetrical lines make you look taller instantly! This is one of my favorite tricks as a short woman. An asymmetrical hem tricks the eye, drawing the eye down and making your legs look longer. This will also work with sweaters with handkerchief hems. Also, tops like this with a print or a pattern are also helpful in making you look taller. They'll hide any lumps or bumps you want to hide without adding bulk.

Chunky sweaters for short women
Define your waist!

But what if you're dead set on that chunky sweater? Well, all chunky sweaters are not created equal. When buying a chunky sweater, make sure that it still has some shape. It's important to have at least a touch of waist definition.

How to look taller

I like to take it a step further with one of my style favorites, a half-tuck! When partially tucked into a pair of high-waisted pants, it adds even more definition.

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