How to Style Dresses for Short Women

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Are you vertically challenged? Not to worry, you can create the illusion of being taller just by altering what you wear or how you wear your clothing. I'll show you the perfect length for dresses for short women and a few other tips to make yourself look taller. You'll be more comfortable and confident wearing dresses in no time!

How to style dresses for short women

Dresses for short women
Length is key

The most important thing to note when choosing a dress as a shorter woman is the length. Dresses that hit just above the knee will elongate your legs, making you look taller! But what if you're not quite comfortable with showing your knees? Throw on a pair of leggings or tights and you're set! Now, obviously this is only feasible for the cooler months, but it does mean that you can wear shorter dresses for at least half of the year.

Boots for short women
Wear knee-length boots

Another way to feel more comfortable in shorter dresses is to wear knee-length boots. If you are self conscious about the shape of your knees and calves, knee-length boots are a fabulous solution. And they look stylish at the same time! Of course, you don't need to spring for a bright red pair like mine. You can get a pair in black or a more neutral color and it will do the trick.

Dress length for short women
Alter the length

But what can you do with dresses that you already have that might not be the best length for you? Alter them! It's easy to alter the length of a dress, and sometimes a few inches is all you need.

I pulled the dress to just above my knee and look at what a difference it made! Simple alterations like this can make a huge difference.

Below knee dresses for short women
Wear dresses that hit just below your knee

If you are still uncomfortable with wearing clothing that shows your knees, even with tights, a dress that hits just below your knee can still do the trick to make you look taller. Play around with the length to find the one that is right for you. Another tip is to wear ankle-boots the same color as your tights to create one elongated line, making you look taller.

Long dresses for short women
Wear a full-length dress

When wearing a long dress, make sure it is full-length, all the way down to your shoe. This creates one long line, making you look taller.

I hope you found these tips and tricks useful! If you'd like to see more or order from my collection, check out my website linked below!

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