How to Style Pants and Jeans for Short Women

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Are you a bit on the shorter side? Find that you always have to shorten your pants and jeans, losing some of the original shape? This video is for you! I have all the tips and tricks you need to help you style your pants and jeans to lengthen and elongate! And no, you don't need to rely on painful heels to gain some height, you just need to change how you use the waistband of your pants. Intrigued? Check out my guide for how to style pants and jeans for short women below!

How to look taller
Buy high-rise or mid-rise pants

If you have a flat tummy, go for a high-rise pair of pants. It allows you to define your waist and to wear shorter tops. A high-waisted pant combined with a longer top actually shortens your already shorter legs .

How to dress to look slim and tall

If you're comfortable with it, go ahead and tuck in your tops as well. This gives even more waist definition and elongates your legs. If you're uncomfortable with tucking your shirts in, wear them just over your waistband, but no lower.

How to make short women look taller

If you have a bit of a tummy or you're not quite comfortable wearing high-waisted jeans, then go for a mid-rise pair of jeans. They will cut your tummy, instead of emphasizing it like high-waisted jeans do.

How to dress to look taller

Once again, if you feel comfortable you can tuck your shirts in. Just pay attention to the thickness of the top, as you don't want to add bulkiness.

How to look taller with clothes

Enter the half-tuck! With a half-tuck you only tuck in one part of the front of the shirt, not adding any significant bulkiness to your waist.

How to look slim and tall in jeans

You could even tuck in more of the front of the top and let the sides hang out.

If you're looking for a full style guide for how to dress taller, check out my website below!

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