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Not all of us have been blessed with tall genes, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t use some tips and tricks to give the illusion of being taller! I specialize in fashion and styling for women over forty, but these tips and tricks can be applied to any age. All of my tips are easy to implement and anyone can do it themselves! Today we’ll be focusing on one of my best tips for looking taller. Want to find out what it is? Check out my tutorial below!

how to dress to look tall
Define your waist

When you wear boxy clothing, it can make it look like your legs start at the end of your top or dress. When you define your waist, it gives the illusion that your legs start much higher than they actually do. You can do this by either wearing a waist-defining outfit or if you want to make your current wardrobe work for you, define your waist with a belt! The dress I’m wearing here is already really doing the trick of defining my waist: it has slim panels, the side panels are black, and the cut is made specifically to be waist-defining. In fact, if you like this dress, you can find it in my online store!

how to dress taller

When I add a belt, it just defines it even further. If you happen to have a wrap belt like I’m using here, let the ties hang long to elongate your legs even further. Anything that draws the eye down the body will make you look taller instantly!

how to elongate your legs

But what do you do with a baggy piece of clothing? I love this dress but it’s a bit too big and the length makes it look dowdy. It’s a beautiful dress, I just have to make some adjustments to make it work for me.

how to dress to look taller

Look at how much this belt transforms a shapeless dress! In general, prints should be worn in fitted clothing. It’s that easy! Want to learn about more style tips and tricks? Check out my website below!

Suggested materials:

  • Dress
  • Belt
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