How to Dress up and Down an Outfit

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Hey fab gals! Have you ever gone into a store and seen a beautiful piece, but you just weren't sure whether you'd get enough wear out of it? I'll show you how you can dress some beautiful signature pieces up and down to create your personal style! Check out my tutorial below to learn how you can do it yourself!

How to style a wrap top
How to style a wrap top

For this wrap top from my collection I dress it down with a pair of dark wash jeans and black boots. This is an easy casual outfit, but how can I dress this top up for a more formal event?

How to dress up a wrap top

I switched out the jeans for a pair of fun, ruffle pants and a pair of heels instead of boots to dress it up. Just two simple changes took this entire outfit up a notch!

How to dress up a dress
How to style a dress

For this dress from my collection, I dressed it up by adding a chic belt and wearing fishnet tights with heels. If I were to add more accessories and an updo, I would be able to wear this dress to a seriously formal occasion.

How to style a dress

In a snap, I took this dress from formal to casual! This is proof that you can wear something sparkly during the day, the trick is to add some edge to it. I removed the belt and the heels and added an edgy red leather jacket, one of my favorites, and some lace-up boots. Why fit in when you can stand out?

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Tracy Gold

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  • Mary
    on Oct 26, 2020

    So cute! I'm going to try the first one by cutting/sewing a wrap dress.

  • Tracy Gold
    Tracy Gold
    on Oct 26, 2020

    Awesome Mary! You go girl!

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