DIY an Amazing Mini Backpack

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Mini backpacks are so in right now! They are the perfect size for carrying all the important things you might need on the day-to-day. Backpacks are so easy to carry around that I knew I just had to have one. I decided to make my own mini backpack from scratch and I am so happy with how it turned out! If you are looking for the perfect bag, your search is over! Follow my easy, step-by-step guide and get all the tips and tricks you need for making this totally amazing mini backpack.

Tools and materials:

  • Canvas fabric
  • Straps
  • 2 zippers
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors
  • Strap adjusters
Add two side pieces
Make an outer pocket

Once I had all of the pieces, I would need, cut out, and ready, I started by attaching two side pieces to the small zipper. 

DIY mini backpack pattern

I then pinned fabric above and below the zipper which would become the cute outer pocket on the backpack. 

Pin the corners

To create the 3D pocket, I pinned and sewed the corners of the fabric. 

DIY mini backpack purse

With the corners sewed, I decided to add this gorgeous embroidery onto the pocket. It took me a while but was totally worth it! I love how much it adds to the backpack.  

Mark the fabric
Attach the bottom and front pieces

It was then time to start working on the bottom and side pieces. I folded the piece of fabric to find its center and did the same with the front piece. I made sure to mark both centers for later! I also marked on the bottom piece where exactly the sides of the front piece ended. 

Add an outer pocket

With the measuring and marking done, I added on the side pocket. I folded the bottom piece to the point where the front piece ended and pinned the pocket in place.  

Align the centers

It was then time to pin the bottom piece onto the front of the backpack. I made sure to align the centers and then I pinned the bottom in place. I pulled up the sides and pinned them to form the sides of my awesome new backpack. 

Sew the pieces together

With the bottom and sides pinned in place, I was ready to sew the two pieces together. Finally, I could see my amazing backpack coming together! I couldn’t wait to see the end results! 

Pin straps
Add straps to the back piece

In this next step, I pinned the patterned straps onto the back piece of the backpack in a criss-cross design. I chose these straps because I thought they went perfectly with my aesthetic! 

Sew on the straps

I also pinned the second straps towards the bottom of the piece. I made sure to sew where I had pinned so that the straps would be secure and in place. 

Cut in half
Attach the top zipper

Finally, I was ready to add the zipper. I cut my piece of fabric down the middle and attached it to the top and bottom of the zipper. 

Sew on the top

I then sewed the top piece onto the bag, slowly working my way across. 

Neaten up
Neaten up the inside

Once I had the whole bag together, I trimmed off excess pieces of fabric and neatened it up. This definitely helped make my backpack look more professional! I turned the backpack right side out and added the strap adjusters. 

DIY mini backpack from scratch

I just adore this cute backpack! What other details would you add to this bag? Let me know in the comments below! 

Suggested materials:

  • Canvas material
  • Straps
  • 2 zippers
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