Tips and Tricks on How to Look Instantly Slimmer

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We all have clothes we absolutely love but just don’t feel comfortable wearing anymore. We also all have days when we feel a little bloated and self-conscious. My tutorial is going to teach you how to style your outfits with a magic belt to get you feeling gorgeous in any outfit. Adding a simple belt can do so much for your figure! Not only can this amazing accessory make you look instantly slimmer, but it can also help to elongate and accentuate your figure. Follow this tutorial to learn the ins and outs of feeling comfy in your clothes! Never fear when the magic belt is near!

how to look slimmer, Add a magic belt
Add a magic belt

This right here is my magic belt! You may be wondering what I could possibly have to show you with a simple piece of fabric but trust me, this belt can make any outfit. A magic belt can create the perfect fitted look and help you look slimmer and taller. What more could you want? 

how to look slimmer, Tie a belt around the waist
Tie a belt around the waist
Look taller and slimmer

The first outfit we’ll be looking at is this patterned dress. The great thing about patterns is that they already help create a slimmer look but the magic belt can take the outfit one step further! 

how to look slimmer, How to dress to look slimmer
How to dress to look slimmer

So the first trick to the magic belt is wrapping it around your waist and not around the stomach! The soft fabric of the belt makes it so comfy to wear which is always important. You can also cut the ties of this belt to whatever length you want. I often like to leave them hanging down because it draws the eye down the body and makes you appear taller. 

how to look slimmer, How to look taller and slimmer
How to look taller and slimmer
Draw the right attention

It’s natural to feel a little self-conscious about our midsections. Most women don’t want to feel that their clothes are too clingy. It’s important to remember that when wearing a fitted dress it will feel like everyone can see every lump and bump but a pattern definitely hides it all! 

how to look slimmer, How to look slimmer in dress
How to look slimmer in dress

If you want to take it to the next level and make yourself feel amazing in any outfit, add the magic belt. It may seem as though having a belt around your waist would pull attention to your stomach but it does the opposite. This belt draws all the attention to the smallest part of the body, the waist. It definitely helps to take any fitted look even further! 

These belts are so amazing! Who knew such a small detail could make the biggest difference? How would you style the ties? Let me know in the comments below! 

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