How to Make Some Unique Brooches From Recycled Jewellery

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1 Hour

I love to buy up bags of old beads and jewellery Findings that don’t sell in charity shops and garage sales as often they are cheap job lots and perfect for recycling into new Jewellery creations.

Recycling old jewellery
Glue brooch fixing into base

I use epoxy resin two part mix glue suitable for jewellery making . I begin by mixing two Equal sized blobs of glue that harden within a few mins So there is a limited time to assemble the pieces.

Mix epoxy resin glue

I choose a range of buttons bead, shells and little pieces Like a cross And ceramic beads to make some nice unique-complimentary colour combinations . Its good including Tagua nut slices if you can get hold of them which are great as a Flat strong base.

Mixing glue

The brooch pins Which come in a wide Variety of sizes but I use small 2.5cm ones for this project .The are made with little holes In the bar which soak up the glue and help adhesion. I position them as I would like them to pin from left to right and make sure that when work they brooch will be the correct way up.

Glue Brooch together
Adding cross to the base

You can have fun with variety of objects to turn them into jewellery even with a shiny two pence coin and shells! You can just glue a brooch pin to the back for a total transformation !

Coin brooch
Tagua brooch
Shell brooch

leave to dry and hey presto some new unique brooches to adorn your new wardrobe!

Cross brooch
Bead brooch
Tagua Brooch
Yin yang brooch
Shell brooch
Coin brooch

Suggested materials:

  • Beads and shells   (Amazon)
  • Epoxy resin glue   (Amazin)
  • Brooch backs   (Amazon)

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