Petite Style Tips to Get You Through This Fall

Being 4’11 I definitely know the struggles shorter women can face when it comes to clothing and fashion. I decided to create a petite style video specific to the fall season to give you all the tips and tricks for dressing up this fall. In my style guide, I will be sharing what works for me and how I create the illusion of height through my clothing and styling choices. If you want to look tall this fall, follow my tutorial and learn my fall style hacks! For more fashion and style videos visit my YouTube channel or follow me on Instagram.

Style tips for petite ladies
Wear thin knits

So one of the first tips for having the perfect petite fall style is to avoid baggy and oversized knits. These are super popular in fall but as a petite, I actually find that they tend to overwhelm my figure. I suggest wearing a thinner knit. Thin knits are something that you can play around with and of course, you can layer. One of my favorite things to do in the fall is layer. I love tying a cardigan diagonally over my thin sweater because it adds so much depth and texture to a look. If you’re rocking thinner materials of knitwear, you can layer them in any way that you want! 

Wear a tailored coat
Avoid oversized coats

Although baggy, oversized coats look and feel cozy, for us petite women they are a no go! The best way to style a petite fall outfit is by wearing a long, tailored coat that helps create an illusion of height and really elongates your figure. If you’re wearing a long coat, I would definitely suggest pairing it with a heel or wearing it open if you opt for a flat shoe. 

Wear ankle boots
Wear knee-high or ankle boots

When it comes to fall shoes, boots are definitely a winner! As Petites, we must create a long vertical line for our legs to get the illusion of height. The boot to avoid is a mid-calf because it cuts the leg in half. I would definitely recommend wearing a knee-high or ankle boot to help elongate your figure. Of course, as Petites, we know the magical effect a heel can have on making us look a little taller. 

Style tips for petite women

When looking at accessories, it’s important not to overwhelm your body with oversized pieces. Rather than wearing a big oversized scarf, opt for a silk scarf that can be styled in so many different ways. The other perfect accessory is the belt. It can really add that detail and enhancement that you might have been searching for in a scarf. Another important detail is to stick to smaller patterns for all your pieces. Avoid big patterns because they are not flattering for our bodies. 

Wear high waisted bottoms
Wear high waisted bottoms

Another tip for you looks this fall is to stick to high waisted bottoms because these really help elongate your legs. If you have a shorter torso and you find that the high-rise is a little too close to your bust, you can always wear a midrise instead. 

Petite clothing style tips
Wear monochrome outfits

My last petite fall style tip is to wear a monochrome outfit. This means that you wear the same color on the top and bottom. It doesn’t have to be the exact same shade but the idea is to create that long vertical line for your look. This definitely helps create an illusion of height and the best part is, you can do it using so many different pieces. 

It’s so easy to dress fabulously this fall! Which tip is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below! 

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