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A bib apron is so important to have! It’s an extremely functional piece but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fabulous. I chose a gorgeous floral fabric and couldn't wait to start sewing. If you want to learn the ins and outs of DIYing the most amazing bib apron, this tutorial is definitely for you! Follow my simple and easy step-by-step guide and get started on sewing your own bib apron and the best part is, I give 3 different options for the neckband.

Bib apron pattern

Tools and materials:

How to sew a bib apron

Before you get started on cutting your fabric pieces, a great tip is to remember that the deeper the curve is, the more comfortable your new bib apron will be! 

Cut your fabric
Cut your fabric

Start by cutting the pieces you will need for this bib apron. I chose to use this gorgeous floral fabric but you can use any fabric design or pattern you like! You will need to cut the front piece of the bib apron on the fold. You will also need to cut a big pocket, 2 waist ties, and one neckband. 

How to make a bib apron
Make the neckband and waist ties

Start by making one tidy end. To do this, fold one short edge, wrong sides together, and press over the fold. 

Fold the edges to the middle

Next, fold both edges to the middle line and then fold the fabric in half. Press the fabric and then make sure to edgestitch it. Set it aside for later. Repeat these steps for the other tie and the neckband. 

Fold the pocket edge
Attach the pocket

To start working on this stunning bib apron’s pocket, double fold the top edge of the pocket panel and press it down. Then hop back over to the sewing machine and edgestitch the folded edge. 

Fold the side edges

Fold the side edges and the bottom edge. Then press your folds and set your pocket panel aside for later. 

Mark the center

Lay the bib apron flat and mark the center of the pocket and bib apron so that you can attach the pocket. 

Easy bib apron

Once you have pinned the pocket in place, edgestitch the sides and bottom of the pocket panel. Sew down the center of the pocket as well to create the perfect double pocket. 

Double fold the curved edges
Sew the curved edges

To make sure that your bib apron has the perfect, professional finish, double fold the curve edges, press them to hold the folds in place, and then edgestitch. 

Slip the waist tie in the fold
Attach the waist tie

Grab your waist tie and slip it under the fold on the side of the bib apron. Make sure to pin it in place and then edgestitch along the side edges. 

DIY bib apron

Then pull the waist tie so that it is towards the outside and sew to hold it securely. This will definitely make your bib apron a lot more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. 

Double fold the neckline
Attach the neckband

In order to complete the gorgeous bib apron, double fold the neckline and press the fabric so that it holds. I will be showing you three options for different neckbands. Feel free to choose whatever one you prefer! 

Make a non-adjustable band

For the first option, you can make a non-adjustable neckband. Cut the neckband to the length that you want and then slide the edges into the fold you made in the neckline. Make sure that your band isn’t twisted before you pin it in place and edgestitch at the fold. 

Pin the neckband

Next, hold the neckband towards the outside, pin it and sew, just like you did with the waist tie earlier.

Add buttons

To attach the second option of the neckband, slip one end of the neckband into the folded edge. Then make sure to pin and edgestitch the folded edge. Repeat the step where you pull the band towards the outside and then pin and sew it. 

Mark the bib apron

Next, Mark on the bib apron where the adjustable button will go and make a buttonhole. 

Attach 2-3 buttons

Next, attach 2-3 buttons onto the second end of your neckband. 

Add snap buttons

For the last option which is also adjustable, mark on the bib apron where your snap buttons will go. 

Poke a hole

Poke a hole in the apron for the snap button and place the cap from the outside. 

Attach the snap button

Next, place the male side on, from the inside of the bib apron, and make sure to press it with a plier. Repeat the same for the female side of the snap button on the neckband. You may want to add 2-3 for adjustability. 

Hem the bib apron
Hem the bib apron

For the final step of this DIY, double fold the bottom of your bib apron to the desired length. Once you have folded the edge, press it and edgestitch. 

Sew a bib apron

I adore this floral bib apron! Which option would you choose for the neckband? Let me know in the comments below! 

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