Check Out These Five Ways to Style Your White Jeans

White jeans are such a great part of any woman’s wardrobe, but sometimes they can get a little boring when wearing them the same way every time. There are so many different styles you can create with a pair of white jeans, so I decided to show you five of my favorite ones in this tutorial. I won’t blame you if you end up wearing white jeans every day this week after this!

white jeans, How to style white jeans
How to style white jeans
Longline cardigan

The first look I’m going to show you is cute and casual. To achieve this look, wear your white jeans with a white t-shirt and a colored longline jacket or cardigan. Pair the look with tonal sliders and a matching colored belt, and you are good to go. 

white jeans, White jeans style
White jeans style
Brightly colored blazer

Time to head into the office? Layer your white jeans with a brightly colored blazer and a layered necklace. Finish the look with contrasting shoes and a neutral belt, and you’re ready for that business casual setting. 

white jeans, White jeans woman style
White jeans woman style
Black leather jacket

Time to add in a little edge. Throw on a black leather jacket and a simple, black top. Complete the look with black sliders and a gold necklace, and you are ready to rock it. 

white jeans, Styling white jeans
Styling white jeans
Shades of beige

Shades of beige go really well with white jeans. Add some neutral accessories and simple jewelry, along with some stylish mules, and you have a beautiful, chic look. 

white jeans, Ways to style white jeans
Ways to style white jeans
Statement blazer

To get more of an evening look, wear your white jeans with a statement blazer and a pretty top. Add some sky-high heels, and red lipstick and you are ready to hit the town.

white jeans, Style your white jeans
Style your white jeans

There you have it! Five great ways to style your plain white jeans. With any of these looks, your jeans will go from plain to stylish. I’d love to know which of these is your favorite, and I’d also love to see how you like to style your white jeans, so be sure to drop a picture in the comments! 


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