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I was thinking about my next fashion DIY and I knew I wanted to add some designer style pieces to my closet. I decided to get creative and upgrade some old clothes into the most amazing Louis Vuitton and Gucci style pieces. All I needed was a stencil and some fabric spray paint and I was able to transform an old T-shirt and vest into fashion-forward closet favorites. If you want to learn the ins and outs of this incredible DIY, my tutorial is for you! Follow my simple step-by-step guide and get started on making your own designer style clothes.

Tools and materials:

  • Louis Vuitton cake stencil
  • Gucci cake stencil
  • Fabric spray paint
DIY designer clothing
Tape the pieces

For this super-fun DIY project, I decided to work on an old towel in the garage to avoid any serious mess. I started by laying tape over parts of the cap and sweater that I didn’t want to get any spray paint on. 

Spray the clothes
Spray paint the clothes

Next, I placed my Gucci stencil over the cap and started spraying. I chose to use dark spray paint but feel free to get creative with your colors to suit your aesthetic. I then placed my Louis Vuitton stencil over the grey sweater and sprayed using the white paint. I quickly realized that this technique wasn’t working. The white spray hardly showed and the brown spray smudged from the stencil moving around. 

Spray from a distance

It was time to try again and I hoped that the 3rd time would be a charm. I laid my vest down and taped all around the pocket. This time I just wanted to add the Gucci design to the front of the pocket. I held down the stencil and sprayed from a little further than I had before, using the brown paint. I loved how it turned out so I decided to do the other pocket as well. 

Add paint smudges

To add a little bit of a distressed look to my vest, I sprayed some of the brown paint on a piece of cardboard, put my glove in the paint, and then used the glove to dab some of the paint onto the vest. This definitely gave my vest a grungy, vintage look! 

DIY designer t-shirt

Feeling more confident with my spray painting skills, I grabbed an old T-shirt and got to work on adding a Louis Vuitton design to it. I tried to keep the pattern as close as possible but I actually love how imperfect it turned out. The T was totally transformed into a perfectly imperfect piece!

DIY Louis Vuitton designer clothes

I am so obsessed with how this T-shirt turned out. Anything styled in the right way can look absolutely amazing! 

DIY Gucci designer clothes

I adore this grunge Gucci vest. I decided to keep the hat because I thought I could get away with it with the distressed look of the vest. 

It’s so easy to create gorgeous designer style clothes! Which piece is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

Suggested materials:

  • Louis Vuitton cake stencil
  • Gucci cake stencil
  • Fabric spray paint

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