Check Out My 10 Item Minimalist Wardrobe

I absolutely adore having a minimalist wardrobe. I want to show you my 10 item capsule wardrobe that totally gets me through the warmer weather. I have created a wardrobe that sticks to a certain color palette and aesthetic and I just love every single piece. Follow my tutorial and let me show you the 10 pieces I have chosen as essentials for my minimalist wardrobe and the ways I have created amazing, on-trend outfits from those pieces.

minimalist wardrobe, Minimalist wardrobe women
Minimalist wardrobe women
Add a silver-toned top to the wardrobe

The first of my 10 essential items, is this stunning silver-toned top. I absolutely love the silky fabric!

minimalist wardrobe, Wear in the summer
Wear in the summer

This top is the perfect summer item and works beautifully with a skirt or a pair of pants! 

minimalist wardrobe, Layer the top
Layer the top

I even love layering this top! When layering I make sure to adjust the sleeves and make them a bit longer to get the perfect look. 

minimalist wardrobe, Minimalist capsule wardrobe
Minimalist capsule wardrobe
Add a comfy T to the wardrobe

The next essential is, of course, a basic T. I love this T-shirt! It is comfortable and looks good on me. 

minimalist wardrobe, Wear a monochromatic style
Wear a monochromatic style

I love wearing this T as a monochromatic duo with this orange skirt!

minimalist wardrobe, Minimalist wardrobe essentials
Minimalist wardrobe essentials
Add a long-sleeved metallic piece to the wardrobe

My third minimalist wardrobe essential is this metallic long sleeve top. It has definitely become a favorite. 

minimalist wardrobe, Wear two piece outfits
Wear two-piece outfits

This season I absolutely love creating two-piece outfits as opposed to just wearing a dress or a jumpsuit. I love this look because even though the colors are similar, the metallic top adds a little bit of interest. 

minimalist wardrobe, Add a classic white button down
Add a classic white button-down
Add a classic white button-down to the wardrobe

Item number 4 is this basic, white button-down that I absolutely love.

minimalist wardrobe, Play around with style
Play around with style

I love to play around with this piece. It can be worn loose or tied in different ways to create a cropped style which adds something extra to the outfit. 

minimalist wardrobe, Add a transitional jacket
Add a transitional jacket
Add a transitional jacket to the wardrobe

Essential number 5 is probably one of my most worn pieces. I love how simple and versatile this jacket is!

minimalist wardrobe, Wear in cooler weather
Wear in cooler weather

This piece is definitely a great season transition item. It can be worn with almost anything and is warm and comfortable. I love the contrast that the pattern adds to my different looks. 

minimalist wardrobe, The minimalist wardrobe
The minimalist wardrobe
Add a silky skirt to the wardrobe

This next essential item is just the perfect skirt. It is so light and easy to wear and perfect for warmer weather.

minimalist wardrobe, Work with the color scheme
Work with the color scheme

It fits perfectly with my color scheme and if I want to dress it up slightly I can also pair it with the silver sleeveless top. 

minimalist wardrobe, Add a bit of color
Add a bit of color
Add a skirt with color to the wardrobe

This new skirt is a more recent addition to my wardrobe. The fabric is a gorgeous color and is also really soft and breathable. 

minimalist wardrobe, Pair with a white shirt
Pair with a white shirt

I don’t like showing my knees so this midi-skirt definitely has a place in my capsule wardrobe. It also goes perfectly with my button-down white top. 

minimalist wardrobe, Add pleat pants
Add pleat pants
Add pleat pants to the wardrobe

The next clothing item is this beautiful pair of pleat pants. I love the color and the lightweight fabric!

minimalist wardrobe, Pair with different tops
Pair with different tops

It’s so easy to pair these pants with different styles of tops depending on my mood and where I am going. 

minimalist wardrobe, Add shoes
Add shoes
Add a good pair of sandals to the wardrobe

When it comes to essential number 9 we need to talk about shoes. I adore these burgundy Doc Martens! I love having a platform and I needed a shoe that was comfortable and that would allow my feet to breathe.

minimalist wardrobe, Add a bag
Add a bag
Add the perfect handbag to the wardrobe

I think that this bag is just the perfect final essential in my wardrobe! It is a great size and is skin-toned so it really just goes with everything.

minimalist wardrobe, Women s minimalist wardrobe
Women’s minimalist wardrobe

I love having a 10 item minimalist wardrobe! Which look do you like best? Let me know in the comments below! 


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  • Mimi Mimi on Dec 08, 2020

    Great if you're not working, going grocery shopping, picking up the kids at various events, doing laundry, cooking, housework...Ah, to be young and think you know it all!

  • Totally get the minimalist concept. You obviously have a lifestyle that works around this wardrobe, that's fantastic! Some of us are not as lucky. I work in a formal office which means, suits, conservative dresses, etc., along with shoes, hats, accessories. Second job is at a dog kennel and daycare facility - leggings, t shirts, flannel shirts, sneakers. There I only get one wearing then in the laundry it goes. The old clothes from Kennel work are saved for dirty chores and gardening. Plus my assortment of little black dresses for cocktail events and funerals. A few pretty party dresses for weddings and various other events and church. I also go camping often (pre-covid) and one pair of jeans isn't gonna cut it for a week to 10 day trip. (We have 6 dogs + other animals, and I haven't worn a solid color in decades.) We all have wardrobes that suit our lifestyles and I am sure that those who like to travel light will appreciate all your tips and tricks. Thanks for sharing! ❤

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