Seven 90s Inspired Trends in 2020

No one can deny that 90s fashion trends are epic! Just because it is 2020 doesn’t mean we can’t wear outfits that are a blast from the past. In this tutorial, I show you how to style seven different and totally amazing 90s inspired looks. Watch my style guide to not only feel inspired about 90s fashion but also to learn some great tips and tricks for creating your own outfits with a 90s style. There are so many 90s trends that are still relevant today or have made a comeback. Get ready to learn some amazing new styling techniques to help you rock 90s trends in 2020.

90s fashion trends
1995: Sweatshirt and bike shorts

This first look is definitely inspired by princess Diana. Her bike shorts and running shoes paired with an oversized sweatshirt is a totally iconic look. It is the perfect sporty and chic outfit. I love how it looks like there was a minimal amount of effort put into it yet it is so well put together. 

Wear lace-up boots
1994: High-waisted shorts and lace-up boots

This next 90s look was inspired by Halle Berry. The high-waisted shorts paired with lace-up combat boots create an amazing, effortless look. This look is cool and casual and I just can’t get enough. 

90s clothing trends
1994: Blazer and high-waisted skinny jeans

This is definitely one of my favorite looks! Once again, inspired by princess Di, this is just a go-to look. For this specific outfit, I mixed two of Princess Diana's looks. This hybrid outfit is so gorgeous and I think the mix works perfectly together. 

Wear knee-high boots
1996: Headband, knee-high boots, and midi dress

This look is inspired by the young Caroline Kennedy. Every element of this outfit just screams the 90s and when you put the whole look together it just works! I love the midi dress paired with the knee-high boots and I of course adore the accessories. 

Wear a midi cardigan
1999: The midi cardigan

This midi cardigan takes me back to all of my favorite 90s movies. This style has totally made a big comeback and is super trendy right now! It’s a fun casual look that is making its way back in the world of fashion. 

90s shoe trends
1995: Knee socks and pleated skirt

I think out of all the looks, this one screams the 90s the most! This outfit is definitely inspired by Clueless which happens to be one of my favorite movies. The knee socks and pleated skirt are an iconic duo and the whole look is pulled together by the chunky loafers. 

90s fashion trends women
1999: Denim jacket and dad sneakers

This 90s inspired look is totally back in! This look, inspired by Tyra Banks, is probably one of the most popular 90s trends still making its way in today’s fashion world. This is the perfect, casual look that is easy to pull off!

I adore the 90s trends! Which look is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below! 

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