How to Style Mom Jeans

Mom jeans are all the rage right now! They are so trendy and have definitely become a new favorite in my closet. I absolutely love wearing my mom jeans because they always make me look and feel good and they are comfy as well! If you have a pair of mom jeans that you love but don’t know how to wear, my tutorial is exactly what you need! Follow my style guide and learn some truly awesome, new, and different ways to style a pair of mom jeans for any occasion.

style mom jeans, How to style mom jeans
How to style mom jeans

Wear a feminine blouse 

For this first look, I paired my mom jeans with a feminine blouse tucked in. To add an extra element I tied a black ribbon around the neckline. I also paired the look with a pair of heel boots to create a more sophisticated look. 

style mom jeans, Mom jeans style
Mom jeans style

To take this look in a more professional direction, I added a blazer. I love that these mom jeans can work for both casual wear or workwear! 

style mom jeans, Half tuck the shirt
Half tuck the shirt

Wear a white button-down 

I am obsessed with this half tuck look! Wearing a white shirt half-tucked into mom jeans creates an amazing mix of class and edge.

style mom jeans, Add a blazer
Add a blazer

Adding a black blazer and a pair of combat boots just takes this look to a whole new level. I love the black, white and blue denim together. I decided to finish off this look with a gorgeous pair of sunnies. 

style mom jeans, Pair with a cardigan
Pair with a cardigan

Wear a long cardigan 

Creating a more laid back, casual version of the above look is easy! Switch out the boots for a pair of pumps and wear a long cardigan. This look is the perfect, relaxed weekend outfit. 

style mom jeans, Play with colors
Play with colors

Add a pop of color

Color can add so much to any look! If you don’t want to wear a full extra layer, accessorize with a scarf and add a pop of color to your look! 

style mom jeans, Mom jeans vintage style
Mom jeans vintage style

Wear a detailed white shirt 

If you want a look that works in the day or night, at work or at home, this is the one! I love how versatile mom jeans are! Pairing your jeans with a ruffled or detailed white shirt allows for a look that works no matter where you are. 

style mom jeans, Wear black
Wear black

Create a casual black look 

You can never go wrong with black and denim! For a stunning, casual look, wear a pair of black combat boots and a black sweatshirt with your mom jeans. Add a black blazer to the mix for chillier weather. 

style mom jeans, Wear a tee
Wear a tee

Create a summery style 

Mom jeans work no matter the season! For warmer weather, pair your jeans with sandals and a cute tee. If the nights or mornings are cooler, add a jacket to this look. 

style mom jeans, Wear a dress
Wear a dress

Wear with lengthy pieces 

Pairing a dress with jeans is so in right now! Jump on the trend train and wear your mom jeans with a dress and coat. 

style mom jeans, Wear high socks
Wear high socks

Create a hip look

Mom jeans are super on-trend! For a really hip look, pair your jeans with a short-sleeve button-down and a pair of high socks. 

style mom jeans, How to style loose mom jeans
How to style loose mom jeans

Create the ideal ‘day out’ outfit

For a warmer look, style your jeans with a puff sleeve shirt and a pair of cute pumps. This is the ideal outfit for warmer days out! You can always add a jersey or jacket to this outfit if you need to keep warm. 

So which of these styles is your favorite? Make sure to let me know in the comments below!


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