Styling Tips to Look Fabulous in an Oversized Collar

Today’s tutorial is all about styling statement collars and when I say statement collars I mean it! Big collars are so on-trend at the moment and are making a comeback since their heyday in the 80s. I have seen these collars all over Instagram and I felt inspired to make a style guide on how to wear these oversized collars.

collar styles, Shirt collar styles
Shirt collar styles

Style a detachable collar 

The first collar I wanted to talk about is this very cute, detachable collar. This can be added on to any look and is a great way to test out the trend without totally committing. All you have to do is put on the collar and tie it around your neck.

collar styles, Wear with knitwear
Wear with knitwear

I think that these collars look fabulous on knitwear. I have seen a lot of women styling them with black knitwear and there is definitely something about the white collar against black that is so classy and elegant. 

collar styles, Style with a T shirt
Style with a T-shirt

This detachable collar is so versatile! I decided to try it with a casual T-shirt and I am just obsessed with how it changed the entire look. If you don’t want to have the ties hanging down, you can totally tuck them into your top or dress and just rock the collar on its own. 

collar styles, Wear over a coat
Wear over a coat

I’ve also noticed a trend for styling these collars over a coat or blazer and I have to say I think it is such a cute look!

collar styles, Wear a statement collar blouse
Wear a statement collar blouse

Style a statement collar blouse 

Once you feel a little more ready to commit to the oversized collar trend, you might want to look into investing in some gorgeous blouses. I am so obsessed with a big collar on a pretty blouse!

collar styles, Women s collar styles
Women’s collar styles

Dresses are another great clothing item that looks amazing with an added oversized collar. Kate Middleton, who is definitely a style icon, has some gorgeous big collared dress that I just love.

collar styles, Preppy collar styles
Preppy collar styles

In fact, I love Kate’s style so much that I recently saw her wearing this oversized collar blouse and I knew I just had to have one for myself. She styled it with a pair of tailored, black trousers but I made the look slightly more casual with a pair of black jeans. 

collar styles, Wear a skirt
Wear a skirt

A blouse like this can also look amazing when paired with a skirt. I have been searching for the perfect deep red skirt to wear with my new blouse because I think that would make a great outfit. 

collar styles, Wear a vest
Wear a vest

Another piece that works brilliantly with the oversized collar is a vest, The collar can easily be pulled over the neckline of the vest and it is a very classic and well put together look. 

collar styles, Wear a statement collar dress
Wear a statement collar dress

Style a statement collar dress 

Another amazing way to rock the statement collar is by wearing a dress with an oversized collar. I think a really beautiful and simple outfit is wearing a knit over a dress with the collar sticking out of course! 

collar styles, Accessorize the collar
Accessorize the collar

Accessorize the statement collar 

A super fun way to style a statement collar, especially if it is attached to your clothing, is by accessorizing. I have seen people playing around with ribbons, ties, and even necklaces to add an extra detail underneath the actual collar. 

collar styles, Oversized collar styles
Oversized collar styles

I love collars in general so this statement collar trend really feels like my time to shine! Let me know which look you like best in the comments below! 


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