How to Style a Loose Knit Sweater

Big, chunky, loose knitwear has become a bit of a staple in our wardrobes. In this tutorial, I want to focus on styling a loose, knit sweater with pieces that are a little bit more fitted. You can always wear your sweater over a pair of jeans but let’s delve a little deeper into the different ways you can style a loose, knit sweater this winter.

loose knit sweater, Wear a loose knit sweater
Wear a loose knit sweater

Look number 1 

In this look, I wore a pair of high-rise, cropped-leg, blue jeans in a bit of a darker wash. I added in my grey, V-neck jumper and layered a nice, big scarf over that. I decided to wear a matching belt and shoes because I wanted to tie all the colors together. 

loose knit sweater, Don t emphasize the hips
Don’t emphasize the hips

I often see people wearing a pair of jeans and pulling their sweater over the top of the jeans, leaving it untucked. I think styling a sweater like this, really emphasizes the width of the hips. 

loose knit sweater, Do a center tuck
Do a center tuck

To draw the eye away from the widest part of the body, try tucking in the front of your sweater. You want to try to tuck it at the first few belt loops next to your fly. Fold over the edges lightly, keeping the rest of the untucked sweater loose and comfy. 

loose knit sweater, Do an off center tuck
Do an off-center tuck

You can also try this style with an off-center tuck. This tuck will make you feel a little bit less exposed. 

loose knit sweater, Tuck into a skirt
Tuck into a skirt

Look number 2

In this look, I wore a high-rise, A-line leather skirt with my thigh-high boots. I tucked in my beautiful oversize green sweater. I love this bold look! 

loose knit sweater, How to wear a loose knit sweater
How to wear a loose knit sweater

This skirt doesn’t have a belt loop so I tucked in just the front of the skirt, making sure the tuck was loose. 

loose knit sweater, Tuck into your bra
Tuck into your bra

Another stylish tuck that you can do, that is a little less protective against the cold, is to tuck the bottom of the sweater under the bottom of your bra. This creates a very cool, cropped look for the front of the sweater. 

loose knit sweater, Wear layers
Wear layers

Look number 3 

This look is a bit more casual. I was wearing the same pair of jeans, a white, button-down shirt with a red, blue, and off white, striped jumper. Over the jumper, I had a long, double-breasted, blazer style coat. I added a pair of white sneakers to the look. When wearing an outfit like this, you might want to avoid looking too preppy. A crew neckline looks less preppy than a v-neck. Also, make sure that the collar of the shirt is not sticking out from the collar of the sweater because this helps make the outfit look less preppy as well. 

loose knit sweater, Tuck in the shirt
Tuck in the shirt

Another way to style this outfit is to tuck in the shirt rather than have it stick out from the bottom of the sweater.

loose knit sweater, Wear with a dress
Wear with a dress

Look number 4 

In look number 4, it seems like I am wearing a flowing maxi skirt and sweater but this is actually a long sleeve maxi dress. I wanted to show you that even in pieces that don’t have a waistband or belt loop, you can still tuck in your loose sweater. 

loose knit sweater, Add your own belt
Add your own belt

If you wear a belt on your upper waist you can do a front tuck as I did before. Make sure the belt is on quite tight so that it won’t slip and slide around. This belt trick can really stretch your wardrobe because it gives you a lot more to work with. 

loose knit sweater, Choose a good sweater
Choose a good sweater

Choosing a sweater 

When choosing the perfect sweater, I always say, opt for a natural fabric over a synthetic one. Not only will your sweater look of higher quality, but it will also last you longer. Natural fabrics also offer better comfort when it comes to knit pieces. 

loose knit sweater, Loose knit sweater style
Loose knit sweater style

There are so many ways to style a loose, knit sweater to create the perfect winter outfits! Play around with tucking and pair with different bottoms to create looks that you love! I would love to know which of my outfits you liked best! Let me know in the comments! 


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