Class and Comfort: Work From Home Outfits

Zoom has changed the way we work - and the way we dress. These professional work from home outfits are simple, easy, and not completely professional all of the time. No one can see above your waist anyway, right?

Work from home outfits

Best work from home outfits

From casual to business

When it comes to working from home, I love being able to switch between business and casual. This lounge set is perfect for a calm day at home or just running some errands. But, when I need to get on a Zoom call, I usually look for something a little more professional. That is where having a blazer comes in handy. Slipping on this blazer takes me from casual to business in under a minute! 

Easy work from home outfits

Business on top

A perfectly broken-in pair of jeans can be super comfortable and easy to dress up. The right top can have you looking zoom appropriate from the waist up, while still being casual from the waist down. Best of all, jeans are so versatile so you don’t have to worry about being too dressed up for the rest of your day. 

Professional work from home outfits

Back to basics

Bodycon dresses are super easy to dress up. They are basic enough to be versatile, but easy enough to not require much effort. When I’m working, I like to pair it with a nice cardigan. It makes me look presentable for any work occasion and isn’t too dressy for the rest of my day. 

Casual work from home outfits

Wear your sweats!

It’s something we used to only dream of - wearing sweats to work! A basic shirt with your favorite sweats has never been more work appropriate. I even added a fun necklace to really take the outfit to the next level. Remember, the beauty of Zoom is that no one can see you from the waist down, so why not rock those sweatpants? 

Basic work from home outfits

Switch it quick 

For this last look, I want to share one of my favorite work-from-home secrets. Some days I have to run into the office or only have one in-person meeting and I don’t want to be stuck wearing work attire all day. This long sleeve two set with a blazer is the perfect answer. This look lets me switch back and forth in seconds.

Cardigan and lounge set

Or, for a more casual look, I switch my blazer out for a cardigan and don’t have to change at all. 

Working from home has been an adjustment for a lot of people. Today, I wanted to share some of my best work from home outfits for those people looking for ways to stay professional without giving up on their casual - we are home after all! 

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