Make It Yourself: Wide Leg Pants Women

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Welcome back to another tutorial! Today, I’m going to be sharing with you how to make these super easy wide leg pants. I love how loose and lightweight these are. They’re perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon (or a busy work from home Wednesday!).

Tools and materials:

  • Pattern
  • Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine
wide leg pants women, Measure your fabric
Measure your fabric

Cut out your fabric 

First, assemble your pattern. Then use it as a guide and begin to cut out your fabric. You will be cutting out two leg pieces and one waistband. 

wide leg pants women, DIY wide leg pants
DIY wide leg pants

Sew the side seams

Fold one leg in half - right sides together - lining up your side seams. Use a pin to secure the side seams and sew using a surge or a narrow zigzag stitch and a ballpoint needle. Repeat on the other side. 

wide leg pants women, Easy wide leg pants
Easy wide leg pants

Attach the legs 

Bring your two leg pieces together by the center back (of the crotch). Match them and pin them into place. Next, work your way around the crotch of the pants until you come to the center front. Sew together along this curve. 

wide leg pants women, How to make wide leg pants
How to make wide leg pants

Add in the waistband 

Take out your waistband pattern pieces and measure out your fabric. Cut according to the pattern. Next, fold your waistband in half so that the short ends meet together. Pin to secure and sew along the short edge. 

wide leg pants women, Measure your waistband
Measure your waistband

Once your waistband resembles a short tube, fold in half again so the raw seams align. Place a pin along this stitch line to mark your center back. Then, gently stretch the waistband to find the exact opposite side and place a pin there to mark the center front. And finally, stretch the waistband one last time so that the two pins meet; the unpinned sides are now your side seams. Pint to mark. 

wide leg pants women, Wide leg pants pattern
Wide leg pants pattern

Match the pinned seams with the seams on your pant legs and pin them into place. Once secure, stretch, and sew along the opening to bring the two pieces together. 

wide leg pants women, Women s wide leg pants
Women’s wide leg pants

I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial on how to make wide leg pants. They are so comfortable and versatile. Show me how gorgeous yours looks!

Suggested materials:

  • Pattern   (
  • Fabric
  • Scissors
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