Patchwork Placemat Apron

3 Materials
30 Minutes

I had one random velvet placemat that was too pretty to toss, so I turned it into a cute apron.

While, I decorated mine for Christmas, you can use this same technique to add any kind of patchwork design to your own apron upcycle.

Just use your imagination and the possibilities are endless!

This upcycle was all about the embellishment. The placemat itself didn't require anything to work as an apron.

It was the perfect size and already had nicely finished edges. Instead, I focused on gathering my fabric scraps to construct a patchwork tree.

I love patchwork designs and have used them in home decor upcycles, too.

So I knew one would make a darling addition to my apron.

I cut the scraps and assembled them in the shape of a tree. Then I used my sewing machine to stitch the pieces onto the placemat.

I'm not the most proficient seamstress, but the zigzag setting and patchwork design are both very forgiving.

When the tree was all stitched up, I added a long piece of decorative trim as a tie.

I have a lot of trim scraps leftover from my sewing other projects. I just picked one that I thought looked best.

I measured it out so it was long enough to fit around my waist and tie in a bow. Then I cut it and stitched it on.

Easy and free! Gotta love that.

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Suggested materials:

  • Apron  (Decor Store - I had them)
  • Fabric Scraps  (Craft Store - I had them)
  • Trim  (Craft Store - I had them)
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