Hudsons + Anegada = Love!

I made a too-cool-for-school Ms. Sporty Sporterson sweat suit. I love it, and I do believe it loves me back. The combination of the Hudson Joggers pattern from True Bias together with my boat neck ANEGADA pattern in matching organic Lightweight French Terry turns out to be a match made in heaven!

When I first spotted this fabric online, I just knew it wanted to become an  ANEGADA. Although I love my t-shirt weight ANEGADAs and my cozier sweatshirt ANEGADAs, I feel like this pattern is in one of those difficult-to-define spaces. That’s a bit the case with this Lightweight French Terry from Organic Cotton Plus as well. Yes, it’s a terry, and although it is not a t-shirt weight, it is also not really a warm sweatshirt weight. It’s somewhere in the middle.

Organic Cotton Plus was kind enough to offer me a couple yards of this gorgeous fabric to sew up a boat neck ANEGADA and have it photographed for our fabric + pattern kits we’re partnering on. This fabric is super easy to cut and sew with, and it has the perfect drape for View A of the ANEGADA pattern. It’s also a lovely weight for the Hudson Joggers, which I made using the same fabric. Although I technically should have needed more than 2 yards to get a size 4 ANEGADA and size 8 Hudsons, I managed to eek out both of these by fiddling around a bit with the arm-, waist- and ankle-bands.

A few months ago, Kelli (from True Bias) and I had a lovely conversation over e-mail. It was one of those things where I’d sent an e-mail because I had a few questions and concerns, but I wasn’t sure if I’d receive a response. She’s such a sewing celebrity, I can imagine that she just might not have the time to respond to such a message. Silly me! Of course, I got a response because Kelli is super kind and – although indeed a sewing celebrity in my book – just an all-around good human being! I offered her a pattern of mine, and she was kind enough to offer one back to me as well. As I’d loved sewing the Mini Hudson Joggers (I may or may not have made 7 pairs of these…), I chose the Hudson Joggers for my size. They are SO good!

I was a little concerned with how the cut of the pant would suit my body type. I think that I could have gone down a size in the waist/hip area, and possibly up a size in the calf/ankle area. I don’t have particularly wide calves (I’m comparing this to the sizing of tall boots, for example) or ankles, but my fabric doesn’t actually have any stretch added to it. As it is 100% cotton, the only stretch is from the knit, not from elastane. This would be something to keep in mind for arm-bands as well, in fact, on the boat neck ANEGADA. For the waist/hip, I’m totally fine with how it turned out, but sometimes a straighter shape and lower rise suits me a bit better.

I don’t have any tips or tricks to share on the Hudson Joggers pattern itself. The only change I made was to lengthen it by a couple of centimeters. This pattern has the perfect balance between concise and complete. It is super clear and easy to follow, without any added bulk of information. This also makes the joggers a really quick sew. Even for me!

All in all, I love my joggers! They are super cozy, and perfect for mornings and evenings in our “winter” on Saba. And this was the perfect cozy outfit to travel in.

If you'd like to check out other organic and sustainable fabrics for your Hudson Joggers or boat neck ANEGADA, be sure to have a look at my long and growing list of Ethical Fabrics!

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