Make a Vintage Style Brooch From Old Crockery

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Some of the old vintage tableware that was so durable and pretty is of its time but I see it with new possibilities in up-cycling into on trend jewellery.

I Like all new possibilities from old worn items and vintage looks which are really on trend are really cute and a fraction of the cost of buying new.

Choosing a piece of vintage china

I set to choose one from some of the many broken pieces I have garnered along the way and use wheeled tile nippers to cut and shape the way I like .

Cut with wheeled tile nippers

I cut into shape I like with wheeled tile nippers and be careful to wear protective eye goggles so shards don’t damage your eyes on the process of chipping away.

Sanding with mini rotary tool

I like to smooth the edges of the china to create a tactile safe piece and the rotary hand held sander tool is ideal.

I like to also sand the back of the brooch to create a good surface to attach glue and pin.

Sanding the back

Mixing up the two part epoxy resin glue is next job and it’s mixing two equal parts create a strong bond for the brooch pin to fix well. It’s like super glue so be careful not to get it on your fingers!

The clasp pin glued into place

So happy with the result! Very wearable or lovely keepsake to gift at fraction of the cost !

Brooch pin from old china
Brooch pin from old china

Suggested materials:

  • Epoxy resin glue  (Amazon)
  • Brooch pin  (Amazon)

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