Basic Headband Tutorial

I was looking to use up some scraps recently. I decided to use up some knit scraps by making headbands and I’m sharing my basic headband tutorial with you!

To complete the headband tutorial you will need:

  • a rectangular piece of knit fabric measuring 20 inches X 6.5 inches
  • coordinating thread
  • ballpoint needle (this makes it easier to sew with knits)
  • sewing machine (I use this one)
  • rotary cutting set or scissors

Headband Tutorial

Step 1: Wash, dry, and iron your fabric.  Then cut out a 20 inch X 6.5 inch piece.  Now, I have a larger head with thicker hair so 20 inches works for me but you may want to make it a bit smaller or larger depending on your head size.  The 6.5 inch width can also be adjusted to your preference as well.  As you can see 6.5 inches makes a pretty wide headband, which I love for my workout headbands.

Step 2: Fold the rectangle in half lengthwise.  Pin and sew along the open edge at the top but leave about a 2 inch opening unsewn somewhere near the end of one side but not all the way at the end.  Sew about 1/2 inch from the edge.

Step 3: Take out the pins.  Now you have a tube.  Pull one end of the tube into the inside as though you are turning it right side out.  Don’t turn it all the way right side out, instead stop once you have pulled the one end to the other.  Line the two ends up together.  Pin them together and sew across.

Step 4: Using the hole that you left in step 2 you will turn the headband right side out.

Step 5: Sew that hole shut.  If you want to be really neat, you can hand sew it with a blind stitch.  I just quickly sewed it up using my machine because my hole is near the other seam of the headband so it will always be in the back.

Then you’re done!  Now go grab all your knit scraps and sew up a bunch of headbands.


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