From Business to Casual: Style a T-shirt 5 Ways

I’m here to teach you guys how to style a t-shirt for any occasion. No matter if you’re going out, going to work, staying home, or anything in between, I have a look for you! The beauty of a basic white tee is that it’s basic. It doesn’t matter what brand it is, or where it’s from. Just grab your white tee and you’re good to go.

Style a t-shirt

How to style a t-shirt

Casual cute 

A white shirt with denim has been done - overdone even. So, how do you make it cute? Tuck it in, add a belt and cuff your sleeves for a more put-together look. When it comes to elevating the basics, it’s best just to keep it simple. The final step is to slip on a pair of trusty white converse and you’re ready to go. 

Styling a t-shirt

Rock it for work 

I chose a pair of printed pants for my work look. I figured the simplicity of the shirt would contrast nicely with a busier bottom. However, the real secret in making this outfit business appropriate is in the accessories. I chose a beaded bracelet and a nice watch. Finally, I pulled the outfit together with some nude flats. 

Pro Tip:

Add a jacket for an even more refined look. 

Style a white t-shirt

Sporty look 

The secret to a really sporty look is creating a knot. I’m tying a knot in the middle of my shirt to give me a little more dimension and to make the outfit a little cuter. I’m pairing this outfit with some super casual Nike sneakers and a sports sweater. 

How to style a white t-shirt

Going out 

With a pair of dark jeans on, I’m going to tuck in my white tee to give me a little bit of shape. Next, I’m going to add a simple necklace, some rose gold hoops, and a rocking pair of booties. Finally, I’m going to add a mesh top over my white tee to give the outfit an edgier look. 

Styling a white t-shirt

Looking at all the different ways to style a white t-shirt really shows how versatile one piece of clothing can be. I love being able to get creative with my clothing and hope this tutorial inspired some creativity for you guys as well. 

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  • Rachel Jonas
    Rachel Jonas
    on Jan 20, 2021

    This is why tee shirts are so important!!

  • Amy Hamilton
    Amy Hamilton
    on Feb 11, 2021

    I know how to tie T-shirt knots, but the one you did in the middle of the shirt looks perfect! Is there a particular way you tied that? Just last night I took a white t out of the dryer and thought - when will I ever wear this? The answer is soon now, thanks for a fun read !!

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