Pattern Power! Matching Outfits for Me and Mini 3 Ways

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People ask me a lot where I get matching outfits for me and the bean. I don't actually get matching outfits, just using the same pattern! Plus patterns are all the rage right now

Who doesn't love camo? I probably Have too much camera for someone that doesn't hunt so I figured I'd get the little a t-shirt!

Next up, HEARTS! The colour of the the shirt and dress are very similar the hearts are bit different minor golden hers are white but it works!

Finally, leopard print everything!!! Isn't it funny how things come in and out if fashion? Just a few years ago I thought animal print was tacky, now I love it!

Even got my mom roped in on this one! Three generations of leopards 🐆

I don't know why I love to match with the little one so much but I intend to do it until she no longer is willing!

Suggested materials:

  • Any print shirt or dress in adult size
  • Any matching print in kid size

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