DIY Studded Denim Jacket

2 Materials
20 Minutes

Using about 15 pairs of earrings I was able to style up my denim jacket! I love the look of a studded jacket so I decided to DIY one for myself. I took earrings and used them as studs to glam up an old denim jacket I had at home. I am in love with my new studded jacket! Check out how easy it was to make it!

Studded denim jacket

Tools and materials:

  • Stud earrings
  • Denim jacket
How to add studs to denim jacket

Place the studs

To get started on studding up my green denim jacket, I made sure that I put the earrings on thicker areas of the jacket. No one wants to be stabbed by the pointy end of an earring so I chose to add the studs to the front pocket covers of the jacket. 

DIY studded denim jacket

Add the earring backs 

As I added each stud, I made sure to put the back of the earring on as well so that the studs wouldn’t fall out. This studded jacket DIY is so much fun because you can create different patterns or stick to a more simple style. You can really get creative! 

Studded denim jacket tutorial

I decided to add a few more studs to the collar of my jacket. I love this simple, glamorous style! Tell me, in the comments, how you would style your denim jacket using earring studs!

Suggested materials:

  • Stud earrings
  • Denim jacket

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