Easy Sewing Tutorial: Make Your Own Teddy Jacket

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45 Minutes

This DIY teddy jacket is so easy to make! The fuzz of the jacket hides all your mistakes (I would know, zippers are not my strong suit) so you don’t have to stress about being exactly precise. The jacket is also super comfortable and perfect for the cold winter weather.

Tools and materials:

  • Two yards of fabric
  • Zipper
  • Sweatshirt
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
teddy jacket, DIY teddy jacket
DIY teddy jacket

Cut out your fabric

To begin, lay your fabric out and fold it in half. Find a sweatshirt that you like the fit of and fold the arms underneath. Then, cut around the edge of the sweatshirt to get the same shape. To make sure the sides are symmetrical, I usually cut out half the sweatshirt, then fold the fabric over and cut out the other side. 

teddy jacket, Sew a teddy jacket
Sew a teddy jacket

Connect the bodice 

Once you have two bodice pieces, lay them out right sides together and sew across the shoulders and sides. 

teddy jacket, Grey teddy jacket
Grey teddy jacket

Make the sleeves

Repeat the same process with the sleeves. Lay the sleeve across the folded fabric and cut around the edge. Next, fold it in half and cut again to receive a symmetrical shape. You should be left with two triangle-shaped pieces of fabric. Fold the sleeves in half, right sides together, and sew down the edge to make a tube. 

teddy jacket, Make a teddy jacket
Make a teddy jacket

Connect the sleeves 

At this point you should be left with three pieces of fabric; one bodice and two sleeves. Take your sleeves and turn them right side out and slip the sleeve into the inside out bodice. Align the seam of the sleeve with the bottom seam of the armhole in the bodice. Pin all the way around to secure. Repeat with the other sleeve and sew both sleeves onto the bodice. 

teddy jacket, Basic teddy jacket
Basic teddy jacket

Add the collar 

I went ahead and cut out about two inches for a lower neckline, but you do not have to do that. Regardless, measure the circumference of your neckline. Mine was 25 inches. I cut out a rectangle that was 25x4. Next, measure the halfway point of the sweatshirt and cut a little notch. Line up the collar with the notch and pin it all the way around. Sew along that line. 

teddy jacket, Teddy jacket pattern
Teddy jacket pattern

Add the zipper 

Place your zipper on your inside out sweater and mark off where the bottom reaches. Cut to that point. If you’re unsure, be conservative - it’s better to cut less now and add later, than the other way around. Pin the zipper onto the sweater. By the collar, only pin on the backside so that the zipper can remain hidden. Take the extra zipper fabric and tuck it inside the collar and then use a top stitch to sew.

teddy jacket, How to sew a teddy jacket
How to sew a teddy jacket

teddy jacket, How to make a teddy jacket
How to make a teddy jacket

teddy jacket, Back of the teddy jacket
Back of the teddy jacket

To finish the sweater, just roll over the bottom and hem with a topstitch. There you have it, how to sew a teddy jacket. It’s cozy, warm, perfect for winter and so easy to make! 

Suggested materials:

  • Fabric
  • Zipper
  • Sweatshirt
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