Co-ords: How to Make a Set From a Robe

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So many of my creations come from random bursts of inspiration after seeing something hanging in a store. This robe is no different. This DIY co-ord set was the perfect answer to an oversized robe that I couldn’t let go of.

co ords, Co ord sets
Co-ord sets

co ords, Co ord sets women
Co-ord sets women

Tools and materials:

  • Robe
  • Sewing machine
  • Pins
  • Elastic
co ords, Women s co ords
Women’s co-ords

Take your measurements 

Put the robe on to take your measurements. Because we’re making a wrap top, you need to measure the robe and see where it should be buttoned on your body. Pull each side across your body and pin where the button will go. Then mark where you want to cut off the bottom and the sleeves. 

co ords, Easy co ord set
Easy co-ord set

Cut the robe 

Cut by the marked areas. For the sleeves, leave a little extra room because we will be inserting an elastic later on. 

co ords, Co ord skirt set
Co-ord skirt set

Sew a collar 

Fold the collar of the robe in and pin it to secure it. Sew the collar down. After that, cut off all the excess fabric.

co ords, DIY co ord set
DIY co-ord set

Add elastic to the sleeves 

Turn the shirt inside out and then fold the sleeves over to create a small hem. Sew along the hem, leaving a small opening to slip the elastic through. Pin a safety pin to the edge of the elastic and bunch the fabric up to push the elastic through. Once the elastic has been pulled through, sew both sides together and then sew the small opening closed. Repeat on the other sleeve. 

co ords, Sew in the buttons
Sew in the buttons

Put in the buttons 

Choose buttons and sew them on by hand! Remember to place them by the pins you measured in the first step. Next, put the shirt on and measure the fit again. This time, mark with a pin the spot where you will cut the button slip. 

co ords, Hem the top
Hem the top

Hem the bottom 

Fold the bottom of the shirt to your desired length and create a hem. If there is any excess fabric, cut it off. 

co ords, Sew a skirt
Sew a skirt

Make a skirt 

With the excess fabric let’s make a very easy skirt. Measure your waist and pin the fabric to your size. Next, sew the fabric together (straight down the middle) to match your measurements. Then, using the same technique as in the arms, add an elastic to the waistband. Hem the bottom and you’re done.

co ords, Finished top
Finished top

co ords, Finished skirt
Finished skirt

co ords, Finished set
Finished set

I’m really happy with how this turned out - it’s giving me 90’s style and vibes! I think this was a super easy co-ord set to make and it’s definitely something I would wear. You can get creative and original by using different prints and fabrics. Have fun with it! 

Suggested materials:

  • Robe
  • Sewing machine
  • Pins
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