3 Tips to Transition a Skirt for Spring

Just because it’s still winter and not quite spring doesn’t mean you have to wear pants everyday. I am notorious for wearing skirts in winter and cold weather. I just find skirts to be more comfortable than pants most of the time.Check out these tips to help you transition to wearing a skirt in the cold.

Add Stockings/Leggings to a Skirt in Winter

By adding a layer of protection on your legs you’ll prevent a chill from creeping up on you. As the weather starts to transition from winter to spring opt for a thinner stocking underneath your skirt. Add some extra fun by using printed stockings or leggings. Even a subtle polka dot stocking looks great with a plaid skirt.

Wear a Midi Skirt

This is another simple way to protect your legs from the cold air. My go to skirt in the winter & spring is a midi skirt. It allows enough air to breath but to also keep me warm on chilly mornings. Incorporating brighter colors in a midi skirt is a great way to prepare for spring without going full on summer mode.

Wear a Thicker Fabric

Fabrics can make or break a skirt in winter. For example, a chiffon skirt should probably be worn in the summer and not the winter. Pick fabrics like wool, flannel, or leather for skirts at the end of winter and beginning of spring. Not only are these fabrics trendy, but can help keep you warm until spring is in full effect.

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