Extend Those Earrings

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5 Minutes

Many of us have hoop earrings - the smaller size, either silver or gold.

Why not make them go the extra mile, by hanging creations or jewels to accessories more of your wardrobe.

It’s so simple. Just remember don’t add too much weight to your hoops.

You can either create your hoop hangers by hand or use what you may already have in your jewelry box.

Photo shows me wearing the green colored natural pearls added to my hoops to match the necklace.

Just have some fun... attach smaller items that may be made for a bracelet or necklace & take your accessorizing to the next level.

Other ways to extend earrings is to add feathers, leather or lighter pieces to hoops using an extender or small bracket.

Adding on hoops to bring creativity to accessories

Get creative with those hoops ✨

Find a pair of hoops that match well

Add any jewel or accessory that fits the hoops and isn’t too heavy

Suggested materials:

  • Hoop Earrings & jewelry pieces   (From my jewelry box & make or buy online)
  • Silver or gold

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