Turn a Blouse Into a Skirt and More!

2 Materials
1 Hour

This is a super easy way of converting a long sleeved top into a fun skirt. And- making detachable sleeves too!

Here is the top before the conversion...

  1. Start by cutting off the sleeves, so that the top turns into a short-sleeve top.
  2. The short sleeves of the top will be tucked in to make pockets of the skirt. (Watch the video next for the whole simple process).
  3. I added a piece of black faux fur over both pockets to give a fun element! Voila!

Next: The Sleeves! This was super fun! Just stitch a hem where you cut off the sleeve (so it's not just a raggedy edge). And there you have it- the sleeves can go with any top you want them to. The elastic part is already there- saving you the trouble of putting one in. You can actually do this with any such type of sleeve on tops you no longer wear- just keep the sleeves! What a fun add-on accessory!

Watch the cute video to see how simple this really is

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Such a fun DIY- the conversion is a no-brainer!

Suggested materials:

  • Blouse  (Which I've had for awhile)
  • Faux fur left over pieces  (from an old scarf)

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