Make A Bun Hat

2 Materials
10 Minutes

It's cold. You're freezing. Want to throw your hair in a messy bun and stay warm? Me too!

Grab a knit hat you have on hand and let's go! Any knit stretchy hat will work for this project.

Cut a small hole in the center, right at the top. It will open up a lot when you cut it. You don't need to cut a hole as big as your bun. A tiny hole will do.

You will need a needle and thread. I used embroidery thread because it matched the red of my hat. Any thread or thin yarn will work.

You need to turn those raw cut edges in and under and stitch them down. I started in one spot and worked my way around the bun hole. You can see it got a little bigger as I worked. That's OK.

That is it. You're done. I tied the thread in a knot and cut the excess thread off. The hat will stretch over your head and fit around your bun. Now you are warm and your hair is up and out of the way.

Now go play in the snow, you've earned it.


Suggested materials:

  • Winter Knit Hat
  • Needle & Thread

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  • Chickie WU
    Chickie WU
    on Feb 26, 2021

    Thanks to all of you for the comments. Stay warm! You can see more ideas here.


  • Karen
    on Mar 1, 2021

    I thought that people had to keep their head covered entirely so they will keep the heat in their body?

    • Rhonda  Grindle
      Rhonda Grindle
      on Mar 4, 2021

      A lot of women, myself included, aren’t very inclined to wear a knit hat if they have a ponytail. It messed up your hair and it isn’t very comfortable. If you wear a ponytail having a hole for it your hair fills in the hole and life is good

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