How to Style Winter White

As part of my I’m featuring a new look each week with different styles that feel so right during the chilly Winter weather. I do a new look every day on Instagram with a video with tips and tricks on how to style the outfits. Each post is linked to with suggestions for your favorite pieces.

With the Winter Challenge, I am adding how to style outerwear to each outfit, too! Which jacket or coat works well, as well as scarves, hats and other fun accessories.

This week is a trend I don’t naturally tend towards and so this week is really going to be a challenge for me. So I’m stretching out of my safety space and am happy to do so!

Winter White has always been a look I love – and after all the kind comments from my followers about how great white looks on me (thank you all so much!) I decided to plunge into the Winter White trend myself. 🤍🤍🤍

DAY 1Today I decided to go ALL THE WAY and go for a full white look! I don’t usually wear a lot of lighter colors on the bottom because of my body type but here it is 2021 and I am and am going for the whole white shebang! And the bonus surprise of all of this is in the video! 😍

I got this adorable pullover sweater from my friends at @twenty20boutique (check them out, they have the greatest styles!) and knew it would look amazing with a pair of white skinny jeans and my beloved Frye Jennifer (hee hee – that’s me! 😁) shearling bootie. I added my newest lariat from @restrungjewelery and it just looks so perfect against this stark white. The bangle bracelet also stands out well with the all white look.

I linked the Levi’s jeans in today’s post along with suggestions for the other pieces. The top is currently sold out at Twenty20 but I’ve added suggestions for it as well as for the booties.

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One of my favorite things about white is that it has so much potential. Colors can be added and patterns can be made. Beauty comes from a blank canvas.

And my wonderful friend, Colleen does exactly that. She creates designs from her soul and puts this art onto clothing and home products. Each pattern is special for Colleen and so she dedicates them to what influenced her – this G-Swirl pattern is influenced by Simplicity and it brought so much joy to me when she sent me this sweatshirt and beanie – because this is what I always crave. To take the chaos and simplify it so it is tangible.

I first met Colleen and was introduced to her brand Eloah Apparel last summer when we were both chosen to go through an Entrepreneurial Accelerator program through a local group called EforAll – a non-profit that partners with communities nationwide to help individuals successfully start and grow their businesses. Colleen has a mission to donate a portion of the proceeds of her products to support programs to help fight the opioid crisis. I knew Colleen and her art was so special and needed to be seen.

Please take a moment to visit  @eloahapparel and see more of Colleen’s beautiful designs. While you’re there – follow her and check out her new website ( because I know her work is going to be quickly loved and desired. She creates beautiful designs all the time and has so much to share with the world.

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Some of you may remember there was this fashion rule that was truly archaic but women seemed to always follow it – don’t wear white after Labor Day. I never understood it. It makes zero sense and one of the biggest reasons why my third principle of style is THERE ARE NO RULEBOOKS 🚫

Eventually, this strange rule started to dissipate – maybe as my generation (that’s X if you couldn’t tell 😆) got older, we just decided that was silly and we can wear whatever color we want on our damn bodies. But it wasn’t a clear, “Now you can wear white” attitude. Somehow, it got around that OFF white was what you could wear after the leaves changed.

And so we started seeing designers send this “winter white” down the runway and everyone was happy – because it didn’t 100% break the rule, but it gave a little F-you to the previous generations 🖕

And so I present to you today the first step to white during the winter. Many designers call it “Natural” and one of the Levi’s jeans I linked to in my post is called “Tofu.” It’s funny that I spoke of a blank canvas yesterday, because this color and especially the denim feel completely reminds me of art canvas. Or maybe painter’s pants? 🎨

I styled these skinny jeans (they aren’t super skinnies, which I like) from my sale scoop up from Free People and added a light blue linen button down which I did a half tuck with – I love that look with such a laid back pant. I added some dark brown ankle booties which allowed the hem of the jeans to fall without getting bunchy.

“Winter White” Look

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When most people think of a blazer or jacket, I think white is down on their list. Understandable… kinda. When thinking of blazers, I think it’s a common misconception that they are considered “work wear.” And yes, the look of a blazer is a reminder of that old college professor look or for Sunday Best. 🕴

And white jackets and blazers feel more formal for many. Men wear white jackets and tuxes at formal weddings, right? So it can’t possibly be an everyday kind of style. NOT TRUE!🙅‍♀️

I adore white blazers for so many reasons. They are sleek and sophisticated – they bring a luxe feel to a look. They capture attention because people aren’t expecting it.

Today I styled my “winter white” blazer with a cowl cami which creates a sexy neckline to add a gorgeous pendant necklace. It’s like the pendant just lays in between your décolletage

I added extreme contrast with the black jeans from  @level99jeans – they have a satin finish to them which is a part of their Forever Black dying process. Their black jeans are less denim and I’ll talk more about that in my Live.

I love my Frye block heel black booties – they are higher and more open than ankle which allows the jean to fit comfortably tucked in. And I love how they help accent my curves with the height of the heel. I added my Apple Watch with a black leather band and my FAVORITE earrings from  @zodiacaa – my Leo ♌️. symbol earrings. They have this style in every sign, so check them out for a great statement earring.

I’ve linked to suggestions for this look on my post. You can easily recreate it during this time of year when everyone is selling black jeans. Express has some seriously cute white blazers right now so check out the links!

White Blazer Look

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Rocker Chicks don’t always wear black! 😎

I was looking forward to this look all week! I knew I wanted to end with a bang and I think this look is super fun! I almost tried to find a “Boy Toy” belt a la Madonna but I thought that might be going a little far 😂

So I rocked out this look with a white tulle midi skirt with my favorite Fleetwood Mac Rumours band tee and an original trucker denim jacket from Levi’s. This look definitely called for some sparkly booties so I added my gold glitter booties and finished it off with my  @boho.statement Sun and Moon earrings and some  @restrungjewelry gemstone bangles. The bangles are made from used guitar strings they repurposed for their art. 🎸

There’s not too much to say about this outfit other than I feel so happy in it! I don’t want to take it off even though these boots are stilettos 😬

Rocker Chick White

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I think everyone has an idea of what is “acceptable” business wear. I bet you rarely think of an oversized sweater as part of a work wardrobe!

But they can be styled for a fun and unique business look with the right clothing. I’ve taken this  @woodenshipsknits open knit sweater and paired it with a great wide leg trouser and oxford heels. Add a long necklace or pendant and some bracelets or a watch to turn this fun sweater into a meeting-worthy look.

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Today’s camo is in jeans form – and they look great with an oversized long sleeve t-shirt – and bonus thumb holes. I’ve added this skull tassel necklace that hangs perfectly down to the waist. These Frye sneakers compliment the muted colors in the jeans.

My tip for today – when wearing oversized shirts, you want to add a waistline by front-tucking the top. If you’ve watched my videos, I talk extensively about the glory of a front tuck to change the look of your outfit.

Oversized Tee for the Win!

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