Jacket DIY Ideas – Five Amazing Tutorials to Try

My favorite fashion piece for fall isn’t flannels – it’s my jackets. Every person has that item that they cannot get enough of – for me, it is my outwear collection. On my overflowing garment rack hangs treasured investment pieces, thrifted treasures and jackets I have up-cycled from vintage stores. By DIY-ing flair to your outerwear, you are adding a pop of personality, whimsy and style to something that might otherwise hang forgotten.

Over the seasons, I have been inspired to DIY my jackets in a variety of ways. From Cricut vinyl to bedazzling, this list has a creative jacket DIY ideas for any style !

Golden Beetle Jacket from a Vintage Peacoat

I salvaged this vintage peacoat by adding custom cut outs of vintage beetles in a variety of autumnal, metallic tones.

You can see the tutorial by clicking here.

Fringe Leather Jacket

I found this suede black leather jacket in the aisles of the thrift store and knew it needed a little pop of personality to complete its look. I added leather trim to accent the cut and add a little more movement.

You can see the full tutorial for this leather jacket here

Lobster Stencil Elbow Patch
DIY Jacket Idea

Create a cool focal point on a blazer by adding elbow patches. I used stencils and paint to create the preppy look on this striped blazer.

See the full tutorial here.

Bedazzled Lapel Peacoat
Snow is best with a little sparkle ❄️

This was one of my favorite up-cycles (and first)! By adding a little jewel to the lapel, you have a gorgeous piece with personality and a lot of sparkle.

Check out the tutorial here

Stenciling DIY Jacket Ideas

Create your own cool, retro piece by using a stencil on the back of your jacket. I sell custom stencils here.

t hese are for Pinterest. Do you follow me there? It is wear I keep my best Ideas!

One CrafDIY Girl

Want more details about this and other fashion and style ideas? Check out more here!


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  • Becky
    19 hours ago

    Butterflies yes. Beetles nope. They look like cockroaches to me. I’d have nightmares wearing this coat. But oh my yes butterflies. ❤️

  • Susan
    Just now

    Did anyone really like these?

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