Nautical Rope Shoe Tutorial

Shoe (me) (similar here) / dress / sunglasses

I have a very full closet, but I always have a hankering to wear something new. This constant craving has lead me to an upcycling tradition, and this nautical rope shoe DIY is no exception! As wedding season starts to pick up, we are all trying to the get the most wear out of our favorite staples. However, with the camera snapping we don’t want anyone to catch us in the act. Upcycling is a great solution – adding a simple detail to a closet favorite can put it back in the limelight and no paparazzi will be the wiser.

These shoes from White Mountain were already broken in and in a classic color. Already a closet favorite, they were dying for a little pizzazz. I had forgotten them in my closet – not because they weren’t comfortable, but because there were other things I would have worn instead. I think we are all guilty of this maneuver!

Luckily, with this nautical rope shoe tutorial, you can add a little flair to an already classic wardrobe staple. It also opens a door to thrift store finds, hand me downs, and disguising wear & tear.

Shoe (me) ( similar here) / dress / sunglasses

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  • shoes
  • Rope
  • scissors
  • E9000 glue or this glue from beacon

Instructions for Nautical Rope Shoe

step one: Cut two pieces of rope, I used simple cotton craft roping. Honestly, anything would work. You could even experiment with recycle fisherman’s rope and other cording as well. I cut the pieces about 10 inches long. Put the two pieces together (side by side) and tied into a knot. Simple as that!

step two: flatten position as desired onto the shoe strap and secure with industrial grade adhesive. I love E9000 glue and this glue from beacon .

step three: cut the excess rope right before the sole. I stopped the ends from fraying by adding adhesive to the end. it dries clear! So, like the ends of a shoe lace, it should secure the end of the rope and stop from fraying ! apply liberally.

ta da! your finished shoe is ready to strut! I love how classic this cotton rope makes the finished product look. Just a touch of nautical charm! I would love to see this project in different materials or colors so please share !

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