Cheap & Easy Mask Lanyard - Dollar Store Finds

2 Materials
1 Minute

Make a quick and cheap mask lanyard from your dollar store! 2 materials...that’s it! Ready?! Let’s do this!

Go to your local dollar store, supermarket or favorite shopping center and buy an eyeglass lanyard with the hoops on the bottom, as shown. Since you can find so many different colorful varieties and textures you will now be a mask lanyard fashionista!

The second item you will need for this mask lanyard is separate lanyard hooks, as shown. You will attach these hooks to the bottom loops of the eyeglass lanyard.

The result will look like this. Was that the easiest project you ever completed or what?! 😆

Attach the lanyard hooks to your favorite mask and enjoy the added style and comfort to your mask! Everyone will be envious of your new look!

This is such a convenient way to keep your mask handy around your neck! It looks like a necklace, but it’s super practical. It could pull off double duty as a eyeglass holder and mask holder. You will never forget or loose your mask again! 😷 I hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial!

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Suggested materials:

  • Eyeglass lanyard  (Dollar Tree, Dollar store, Walmart, Target)
  • Lanyard hooks  (Dollar store, Walmart, Michaels, Amazon)

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  • Thank you! I was in the check out line at the Dollar Tree looking at an eyeglass chain and thinking if I just add hooks to it it’ll be a mask lanyard! 💡😷

  • Tonya
    4 minutes ago

    I love how you think!!!tfs

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