Perfect Summer Piece - Open Front Chiffon Kimono

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In this tutorial I'll show you how I sewed an open front Kimono duster from scratch without using any pattern. It's pretty easy to follow along. This a versatile garment that can be worn in many different ways. I cannot wait to wear this flowy, beautiful piece on the beach

If you will be recreating this look using chiffon fabric, you will need a lot of pins! Chiffon is most definitely a challenging fabric to work with but well worth the end result!

Chiffon Kimono

Prep Fabric

I started by cutting and folding my fabric so that I have two folded pieces on top of each other. I'm cutting the front and back pieces together.

Measurement is 13 by 58 inches, I'm using the entire 58 inches because I want it to be long

Note: use the widest part of your body measurement (e.g. hips) divided by four and add a couple of inches to determine the width

Then I started by plotting half of my shoulder measurement which is 9 inches, from the folded edge.

Chiffon Kimono

After that, I plotted my neck measurement for the back piece - 3inches wide and 1 inch depth.

Open Front Kimono

From the shoulder measurement, I marked one inch downwards for my shoulder slant.

Plot measurement

Then I marked my armhole from the shoulder slant. My armhole measurement is 9 inches

Then I find the midpoint and used that as a guide to draw out my underarm curve.

Cut front and Back

I don't need anymore measurement as this is a free fitting garment. Then I cut out both back and front pieces

I then took out one of the pieces, place it on fold then marked 12 inches down from the neck.

Cut 'V' shape on front piece

I drew a 'V' shape from the neck to that 12 inches point and then cut that out. This is now my front piece.

Cut Sleeves

Then I cut out my sleeves using an existing pattern.

Pin at shoulders

Then I pinned the front pieces to the back pieces at the shoulders - right side facing right side and sew.

Riffle pieces

I then cut out 2 pieces that I will add to the end of the sleeves as ruffles. I hemmed one side and did a gathering stitch on opposite side. Measurement is 22 x 8 inches.

Then I gathered my ruffle pieces and pinned them to the end of the sleeves, then sewed them together.

Attach Sleeves to garment

Then I proceeded to pin my sleeve pieces to the main garment and sew

Then I sew under the sleeves down to the side of the garment and repeated for the other side.

Hem front of Kimono

Then I did a double fold in and hemmed the front of the kimono


Finally, I cut out a long piece for my belt. I folded it and sew one side, then turned it inside out.

Final Product

And here is the final product. I love how it feels on and how flowy it is. It can be worn in many different ways: on the beach, chilling at home, out shopping, brunch with the girls - the possibilities are endless!

I would love to hear how you would style yours in the comments!

Thank you for stopping by :)

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