How to Embellish a Jean Jacket

2 materials
1 Hour

Give your jean or denim jacket and instant face lift with gorgeous embroidery cut out from a sweater!

how to embellish a jean jacket, This is the front right side
This is the front right side...

This Ralph Lauren Jacket was as plain as could be. Cute- but boring! Now with the added, stitched by hand embroidery piece, it's turned fabulous!

how to embellish a jean jacket, This is the back right side coming up front
This is the back right side (coming up front)


1) Choose a denim jacket that you want to szusz up!

2) Find a piece of embroidery from an old sweater or any other garment that you no longer want to wear. This can also be found at a thrift store or an old hand-me-down.

3) Cut out the embroidery and start planning where you'll baste it onto your jacket. This can be the side, the back, along the arms, along the pockets- you choose! For my particular project, I decided to place it along the right side going over the shoulder, down the back.

4) With long straight hand stitches, baste the piece into place.

5) If you have a sewing machine that can border stitch the whole piece correctly on, then go for it! In my case, my machine doesn't do that, so I sewed it securely by hand. It wasn't that long- and so therapeutic!

If you want to see the process, please watch my short video clip!

2 min and 8 seconds- that's it!

Suggested materials:

  • Jean jacket   (I had it)
  • Embroidery piece   (I cut it out from an old sweater)


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