DIY: How to Create Elegant Arm Warmers From Socks!

2 materials
30 Minutes

Are some of your tops looking dated because the sleeves are a bit too short? I've had this problem. A longer sleeve just looks more elegant and is warmer too for us Northern girls. So I had to solve the problem by creating adorable add on sleeves. Super fun, chic and easy!

This is step 1! No fancy setup- just get a pair of socks and cut the feet part off. Check out my 2 min video for all the details. You're just gonna love this!

Here are the Steps:

1) Get a pair of socks and cut off the feet part

2) Get some ruffle, lace or pretty ribbon and sew it all around the part you cut off. This can be done either by hand, or by sewing machine. (Sewing by hand can be so therapeutic for small jobs like this one).

3) Make sure not to sew on the the elastic part, as you want it to to stay put- and not roll down (just like when it's a sock!)

4) Wear these anywhere to not only keep your forearm cozy warm- but also to fancy up any look!

Gorgeous!! And so fun too!

Suggested materials:

  • A pair of socks   (I had!)
  • Laced ribbon (about 12 to 16 inches)   (leftover from my batch)

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