How to Mend a Jacket That's Too Snug...

2 materials
30 Minutes

Don't get rid of that jacket that got a bit too tight on you- there might still be hope! All that's needed is a little mending. The areas of a jacket that generally don't fit as well anymore are usually the arms and the torso.

1) For the arms, just get rid of the lining in the sleeves!

Cut out the lining so that you are left with the inside-out of the material only.

You will also get the raw hem of the sleeve- this will be great if you also need to lengthen it! Note that sleeves also run shorter when they get tighter- so this is the perfect opportunity to lengthen them.

2) Since my jacket already had black trimming around some boarders, I decided to add some faux leather border of my own. I simply stitched this on by hand.

3) I also moved the buttons over - from where I'm pointing (almost 3 inches!!!).

Watch the clip below for easy instructions.

Too easy, right? There was absolutely no reason for me to get rid of this cute jacket when such an easy solution was readily available. It's a miracle what a little mending can do! This jacket is a keeper:)

Suggested materials:

  • Jacket   (mine from awhile back)
  • A piece of faux leather   (mine)

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