Adding Leopard to Your Closet

Adding patterns or prints to your closet might seem intimidating but trust me, IT IS NOT. It is actually the best part of anyone's closet. I personally would say leopard is a neutral and goes with A LOT more than people think. I love to mix leopard with stripes - it is so much fun. Here are a few examples of how I have added leopard to my closet for a subtle touch of print.

First, SHOES. Easiest way to add leopard. Leopard flats, leopard heels, leopard sneakers, leopard sandals, leopard booties, leopard rainboots ... is there any thing else? I mean truthfully by adding leopard shows to your closet you can elevate your look to the next level. A basic look of jeans and a sweater now looks that much cuter because of the leopard flats!

How about adding accessories? Leopard belt, leopard bag, leopard earrings, bracelets, a hat or a scarf? Any small ounce of leopard will make an outfit pop. It adds dimension and sense of style without being too much.

Want something for bold - add a piece of leopard clothing. A top, sweater, cardigan, jacket, dress, romper, shorts? I mean adding leopard clothing is endless. Maybe leopard seems like it might be too much in a piece of clothing - try a smaller print. With this top below, the leopard print is all over but the dots are small so it is not as loud. Also, by adding more subtle pieces with this top, it is also not too much to look at. You can throw on a cardigan or blazer over this look to ease your way into wearing leopard.

And the easiest of them all, GET LEOPARD PJs! You can feel fierce and fun and not have to worry about anyone seeing them (except your family but they love you right?) You can wear all the leopard in the comfort of your home and feel your absolute best!

Again, leopard to me is a staple in a closet but it might not be for everyone. Try adding one piece at a time and see how you can mix and match it to make yourself feel good. Start with some slippers or a small ring and then expand. I promise you, once you wear it, you will never let go!

Hope you enjoyed this style guide and if you have any suggestions for other posts, please let me know. Please follow along on Instagram @SimplyStyledCloset for more fashion inspiration!




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