The Easiest Top To Make For Beginner Sewers

I always tell people that halter tops like this one are the perfect place to start when learning to sew.

There are no curved lines, no sleeves, and no tight fits.

In this post, I'll walk you through and show you just how easy it is to nail this elegant top.

Start by creating your pattern on some craft paper.

Measure the distance from your neck to just under your armpit (measurement A).

Measure the distance from this same point underneath your armpit down to your waistline (measurement B).

Measure around your waist and divide this number by 2 (measurement C).

Now measure around your neck and add 3-5 cm (measurement D).

How thick do you want the neck tie? Multiply this thickness by 2 (Measurement E).

Your pattern should look something like this!

You'll need two identical pieces for the front and back (but only one pieces for the neck tie).

Align the front and back pieces right sides together.

Sew the side seams (measurement B).

Roll hem all of the remaining edges.

Now fold the neck tie piece down so that measurement E is now halved.

Stitch along the long open edge of this piece, then flip it right-side-out to hide this stitch.

Fold the open, short edges of this piece inward and stitch closed.

Line up the neck collar and straight stitch it to the front and back top edges of the top.

You can either tie the neck collar closed or add buttons!

Let me know how your halter top turns out!


Ms. Melior


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