My Boyfriend Burnt A Bedsheet So I Made A Summer Top

It happens sometimes when ironing sheets...

We get a little too aggressive on a wrinkle, turn up the heat too high, and oops.... a giant hole now resides where you once snuggled up.

It would be such a shame to have to throw out such a large amount of fabric.

instead, let's turn some of it into a cute summery top.

Let's start by taking some measurements....

First, Measure around your under bust and add 15-20 cm (A).

Then measure the length from the top of your collar bone to your under bust (B).

Finally, measure from the middle of your chest bone, over the center of your breast, to just underneath your armpit. Add 2-3 cm to this length (C).

Now draw out the pattern.

In addition to these pieces, you're also going to need two neck ties. These are rectangular pieces of fabric that are 30-40 cm long and 5 cm wide.

Start by folding the neck tie straps in half and sewing along the open, long edge.

Flip the tunnel inside out to hide this stitch. Fold the sides of the short, open ends inwards and sew closed.

Align two triangle pieces right-side-together. Slide one of the neck tie pieces in between these triangles with only a cm sticking up from the top.

Stitch the edges of these triangle pieces together, leaving a gap at the bottom around where the rest of the neck tie piece comes through.

Pull the neck tie piece so that the entire triangle pieces comes right-side-out.

Base stitch along the bottom edge of the triangle piece and gather.

Repeat these steps with the remaining triangle and neck tie pieces.

Fold the under bust pieces in half.

Sew along the open, long end of this piece.

Flip this tunnel inside out.

Flip the ends of the short open edges inward and stitch.

Stitch the gathered, bottoms edges of each triangle piece to the center of the under bust strap where your breasts would be.

Tie the neck ties around your neck and tie the under bust tie in the back and you're done!

I'm excited to see how your summery crop top turns out!


Ms. Melior

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