If You Needed A Sign To Make This Elegant Dress... This Is It!

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2 Hours

What's the best part about satin cowl neck dresses?

The fact that they look great on everyone!

And the second best part is that they're not super complicated to make.

As always, we'll start by taking some measurements.

Measure the drape. Take your measuring tape and measure from one neck point to the other, allowing the measuring tape to dip as low as you want your cowl neckline to drape. Record this length (A).

Measure from one neck point down to just underneath the armpit on the same side (B).

Measure the same point underneath your armpit to your center back (C).

Measure your waist and divide by 4 (D).

Measure the widest part of your hips and divide by 4 (E).

Measure the desired length of your dress from underneath your armpit (F).

Use this pattern to cut out one piece for the front of the dress.

Roll hem edges A and B for a clean finish.

Use this pattern to cut out two pieces for the back of the dress.

Sew a zipper onto the center back, joining the two back pieces. Finish off the seam underneath the zip. Roll hem the top of the back piece for a clean finish.

Place the front and back pieces right sides together so that the side seams align. Stitch the front and back pieces together at the side seam.

Hem the bottom of the dress.

Hand stitch satin string onto the corners of the front piece and the back of the dress.

If you want an open slit like this one, simply stop sewing down the side seam and roll hem the edges for a clean finish.

I accessorized mine with a gold belt... how will you accessorize yours?


Ms. Melior

Suggested materials:

  • Satin 1 meter  (Fabric Store)

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