How to Wear a Hair Scarf on Vacation

I recently went on vacation and had great time at the beach. However, my hair can be a challenge for me with the water and winds... especially if I want to look cute in photos.  So this vacation I decided I would bring a few scarfs to help tame my hair while still looking cute.

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I show here that I used a square scarf for the two styles I created. This scarf is rather large (37in x 37in), but this can be done with a smaller (26in x 26in) size scarf also.

My favorite way of wearing a hair scarf is like a headband then putting all my hair up. This keeps all my hair away from my face while still looking cute and giving my beach look a little interest.

Here I did the same technic, but kept my hair down, used the scarf as head band and placed it on the very top of my hair.

The bandana style seems to be the most commonly used and easiest way to wear a hair scarf.

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