How to Wear Kick Flare Jeans


How to wear kick flare jeans with booties! I got you!

Okay, so trends are constantly changing and evolving, and I recently saw a pair of kick-flare jeans on a model at the store, and I decided to try it out. I absolutely love this look! The kick flare jeans are a different twist for typically skinny jeans nowadays. Pairing the kick flare jeans with cute high slim ankle booties gives the flare of the jean more of a pronounced look. This look can be dressed up with a flowy top or a blazer over this bodysuit to give more of a business casual look. This is defiantly a look you can transition from the office to happy hour! I purchased the jeans from Old Navy, and they always have great prices on their jeans due to their constant sales, but honestly, more retailers are selling this style of jeans.

Kick flare jeans with booties. Make sure you wear a slimming boot so it does give a slopping wide look at the end of the jean!

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