How I Made Matching Disney Ready Shorts for Me and Mini!

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For our trip to Disney last year, I did A LOT of DIYs, some of which I already shared! I went all out to match and plan out every outfit for me and my little (sometimes my husband was forced to comply as well!) One of the easy ways was to add a Minnie Mouse patch to our shorts.

It was really so easy! All I did was purchase some fabric from JoAnn's. They have plenty of Disney themed patterns to choose from and you don't need very much, just scraps! Or two bandanas worth of fabric.

This is my daughters shorts.

And these are mine! I cut the fabric to approximately the size I needed then used a sowing machine and trimmed the excess. These really doesn't even need a sowing machine if you don't own one, hand stiches would be sufficient to hold the fabric in place.

It was such a great extra touch to pull our outfits all together, I also loved the personal touch!

The shorts don't have to match exactly either! My pair had the lace at the bottom and my daughters were frayed, I would just try to find a similar wash.

Suggested materials:

  • Shorts   (your closet)
  • Some Disney themed fabric   (JoAnn's)
  • Thread

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