How to Create Fashion Reels and TikToks

If you want to grow on Instagram, reels are where it's at. I'm definitely no expert but here's my beginner's guide to making fashion reels for Instagram, and a few tips for posting on TikTok too!

Some tips for filming your fashion videos:

It's important to tidy your background to ensure there's nothing to distract from your fashion content. Hide any wires that might be on show and check the framing for any unsightly household objects. If you're filming on your phone, this is especially important because nothing will be cropped out when the video is posted on social media.

Make sure your clothes are washed and ironed beforehand! Creased and untidy clothes will make your video look less professional.

Find where you're going to stand and stick to it! If you move around too much, it can be jarring, and will ruin any clever transitions between outfits.

The outfit transition I'm demonstrating here is probably one of the easiest (that's why I like it!). Hold up an item of clothing that you're going to wear next, then bring it against your body like you might if you were checking how something might fit you before you've tried it on.

Then, when you've changed into your next outfit, just put your hands where they were when you were holding the item previously. In the edit, you'll be able to cut the clips together so that it looks like you transformed your outfit by magic!

Your outfit choices are of course really important too. Here's an outfit I love wearing for my Spring fashion reels. This button-down dress from H&M is universally flattering and looks fabulous with a pair of sunglasses.

Don't forget to take a fabulous cover picture too!


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