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I made my kids T-shirt quilts several years ago with all their school and swim team T-shirts which were tons!! They still love their quilts because they are soft, cool/warm and heavy. But you can make so many other things.

I had tons of scraps of fabric which I hated throwing away. So I decided to use most of them.

I do not have pictures or instructions of what I did or how but I will show you all the things I was able to do and the best part was that with this type of fabric you don't have to worry about fraying.

When I cut all the T-shirts to make the quilts, I needed squares, so basically all the collar sections, the sleeves and the bottoms where cut off. That is what I used to make the following things...

Here are some instructions to get you started. Pretty easy because you will not have to make any hems at all.

Everything is practically done for you: the collar, the sleeves and the bottom hem. All you need to do is put it all together using the other bottoms to fill in the body section. If you want long sleeves, just add other sleeve sections and also use sleeves to make pockets.

A simple bag for my mother-in-law to carry her things from her room to the kitchen because she needed her hands to hold on to the walker  R.I.P.

I made this one for one of my nieces and even made a little cellphone bag.

I even made a poncho for my teen age niece.

I added some fringe at the bottom with same t-shirt scraps and painted some words.

I love these colors because they are "Aggie" colors. (Texas A&M).

This one I use a lot to go to the ranch (hunting colors).

They all came out so comfortable that I use them very often. The combinations and styles are endless if you use your imagination. I hope I inspired you to make some of your own.

Suggested materials:

  • T-shirts  (had it)

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